Do you have any obstacles that you would like to overcome?

Are you going through a difficult situation that makes you feel unwell?

Do you feel sad, angry or without energy?

Would you like to improve your relationship with yourself and others?

A professional help is often the best way to put things in perspective, develop tools and find new solutions to old problems.



face-to-face and online


Do you have any question about the need to start psychological counseling? Would you like to talk with someone about you or your family problems?

The psychological check-up is done online and lasts 30 minutes (10€ symbolic value).

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Psychological Check-up

Individual Therapy

Online Sessions

Face-to-Face Sessions in Amsterdam

Couple Therapy

Online Sessions

Face-to-Face Sessions in Amsterdam


How does it work?


Setting therapeutic goals




My experience was very positive. The sessions were conducted in a professional but also relaxed way, which made it comfortable to talk about many aspects and episodes of my life. The recommendations were important and helped me to control my panic attacks.

R., 29 years old

I'm very grateful to Lígia. Her approach gave me tools to deal with my problems, even if they arise again. I feel able to resolve them without having to go back to therapy. I really think it's an important and interesting approach because, since I finished the sessions, I've already reviewed my notes and when I think of something less positive I can deconstruct it. I already feel less anxiety about certain things, because I can look at them differently.
It was certainly different from the therapies I did before.

V., 35 years old

Lígia is an excellent professional who helped me rebuild my self-esteem and understand the role of anxiety in my life.

In therapy, I learned several strategies to improve my relationship with myself and manage my relationship with others.

I strongly recommend Ligia and her approach.

A., 30 years old


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