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Lígia Gonçalves Silva

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Hello! My name is Lígia and I'm a Portuguese psychologist living in Amsterdam.

I deeply believe what surrounds us has a big impact on who we are. Thus, the focus of my intervention is on how we relate to the world around us: family, friends, work, country.

In parallel with this systemic approach, I also integrate Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies and tools into my practice, with the aim of promoting personal development and autonomy while enhancing well-being and quality of life. 


Regardless of the form - individual, couple or family - my focus is always on searching for combined solutions without judgment.

Education and Experience

  • Master in Psychology, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Coimbra;

  • Postgraduate in Couple Therapy, Instituto Português de Psicologia;

  • Postgraduate in Clinical Sexology, Instituto Português de Psicologia;

  • Complementary training in Systemic and Family Intervention (in training), Portuguese Society for Family Therapy;

  • Clinical experience in a private context with expatriates in Amsterdam;

  • Clinical experience in an institutional context with young people and adults;

  • Development and implementation of a parenting skills promotion program;

  • Trainer in the behavioral area;

  • Member of the Portuguese Psychologists Association nº 23774;

  • Member of the Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen No. 231174, The Netherlands.


Portuguese and English


Face-to-face and Online​


Tânia Lisboa Machado

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Hi! I'm Tânia, a Brazilian psychologist, mother and expatriate in the Netherlands.  

I like the details and different ways of life. I have a special affection for nature, animals and the power and essence of human life.

I work in partnership with my clients, welcoming their personal challenges, anxieties and conflicts.  Always with care and respect, I collaborate with your re-encounter with life, in the moment and reality you are facing.  

I attend individually in brief therapy sessions. It will be a pleasure to meet you and collaborate with your self-discovery!

Education and Experience​​

  • Psychologist, University of São Paulo USP;

  • Clinical experience through the Humanist Approach of C. Rogers;

  • Founding partner of Florescer Holanda, a Brazilian group responsible for organizing projects that promote well-being and culture for Portuguese speakers in the Netherlands;

  • Psychologist responsible for Psychosocial Assistance offered by the Consulate General of Brazil in Amsterdam;

  • Equalization of the Brazilian diploma by NUFFIC Reg. No. IcDW/05-78739;

  • Member of the Nederlandse Beroepsvereniging voor Toegepast Psychologie  No. TPL2020101297;

  • Membership KVK No. 83134204.




Face-to-face and Online

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Ana Isabel Oliveira

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Hi! I’m Ana Isabel Oliveira and I’m a clinical psychologist currently residing and working in Lisbon. I grew up in Macau and, during college, I got to study and live in Italy, Ireland and Portugal where I consolidated my academic and professional experience.

I am passionate about psychology and believe in the difference it can make, not only in helping us understand who we were, are and can be, but also to deal with what’s bothering us and the inevitabilities of life, such as loss and grief.

In my approach, we are a team wherein the client has an active role in their self-discovery, in problem-solving and in promoting their well-being.

Count on me to listen, empathize, understand, help deconstruct, offer tools and challenge you for the better!

Education and Experience

  • Master in Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, University of Lisbon;

  • Postgraduate in Crisis and Emergency Intervention, Faculty of Psychology, University of Lisbon;

  • Complementary training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapies for anxiety, depression and personality disorders, Beck Institute;

  • Practical Course on Grief Intervention, INSPSIC;

  • Clinical experience in a private context with adults;

  • Clinical experience in a school context with children and young people;

  • Member of the Portuguese Psychologists Association nº25389.


Portuguese and English



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