Lígia Gonçalves Silva

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Hi! I'm Lígia, a Portuguese psychologist currently living in Amsterdam.


I believe we depend on our surroundings to be who we are. Thus, the focus of my intervention is on the way we relate to the world: family, friends, work, country.

Regardless of the form - individual, couple or family - I favor sharing and the search for combined solutions, without judgment, with a view to promoting personal development and autonomy, enhancing well-being and quality of life.


Welcome to!

Education and Experience

  • Master in Psychology, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Coimbra;

  • Postgraduate in Couple Therapy, Instituto Português de Psicologia;

  • Postgraduate in Clinical Sexology, Instituto Português de Psicologia;

  • Complementary training in Systemic and Family Intervention (in training), Portuguese Society for Family Therapy;

  • Clinical experience in a private context with expatriates in Amsterdam;

  • Clinical experience in an institutional context with young people and adults;

  • Development and implementation of a parenting skills promotion program;

  • Trainer in the behavioral area;

  • Member of the Portuguese Psychologists Association nº 23774;

  • Member of the Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen No. 231174, The Netherlands.


Tânia Lisboa Machado

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Hi! I'm Tânia Lisboa, Brazilian psychologist, mother and expatriate in the Netherlands.  

I like the details and different ways of life. I have a special affection for nature, animals and the connection of human life with its power and essence.  

I work together and at the customer's service, welcoming their personal challenges, anxieties and conflicts.  Always with care and respect, I seek to collaborate with your re-encounter with Life, in the moment and reality you are facing.  

I attend individually in brief therapy sessions. It will be a pleasure to meet you and collaborate with your search!

Education and Experience


  • Psychologist from the University of São Paulo USP;

  • Clinical experience through the Humanist Approach of C. Rogers;

  • Founding partner of Florescer Holanda, a Brazilian group responsible for organizing projects that promote well-being and culture for Portuguese speakers in the Netherlands. Organization of projects, such as: "Biopsychosocial Duty Heard in Vondel",  “Conversation Wheels for Professionals: taking care of the caregiver”, among others;

  • Psychologist responsible for Psychosocial Assistance offered by the Consulate General of Brazil in Amsterdam;

  • Equalization of the Brazilian diploma by NUFFIC Reg. No. IcDW/05-78739;

  • Member of Nederlandse Beroepsvereniging voor Toegepast Psychologie  No. TPL2020101297;

  • Membership in KVK No. 83134204.