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What is couple therapy?

In couple therapy, both parts of the couple are present in the sessions, and the therapist acts as a communication's facilitator between them. The intervention is focused on the relationship between the couple's parts and aims to find commitments and set goals for a lasting improvement of the relationship.

Who is it for?

Couple therapy is intended for all adults, independent of the relationship type. 


However, worth noting there are a few situations when couple therapy is not recommended: 

  • Domestic violence;​

  • On-going affairs. Couple therapy is only possible when the affair is terminated;

  • Alcohol and/or drug addiction. 

Indications for therapy:
  • Communication difficulties;

  • Intense and/or frequent conflicts;

  • Distance and loss of intimacy;

  • Difficulties in matching individual needs with the couple or family needs;

  • Sexual difficulties;

  • Difficulties in relating to the family of origin of one or both elements of the couple;

  • Difficulties in adapting to different phases of the family life cycle or other situations of family change;

  • Infidelity.

How it works?

The number of sessions varies according to each process, with an average of 10 to 12 sessions. Generally, the first and second sessions are evaluation sessions, followed by intervention and follow-up sessions. Sessions are 60 minutes, with a recommended cadence of twice a month.

Couple Therapy

Face-to-face Sessions



Couple Therapy

Online Sessions

Insurance coverage

As a non-Dutch-speaking psychologist working in private practice in the Netherlands, my services are not covered by insurance. So you can start therapy immediately, with a flexible and personalized treatment, without having a referral from other professionals. 

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