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What is family therapy?

Family Therapy aims to help the family reorganize itself in the face of a challenge, transform their relationships and facilitate communication, leading to changes in the way they think, feel and interact. In systemic family intervention the skills of each element and the resources of the family itself are activated in order to find satisfactory solutions and strategies to deal with family conflicts and tensions.

Who is it for?

All families have the ability to face the challenges inherent in their functioning, but sometimes they may experience some difficulties. Systemic Family Therapy is indicated whenever there is a disturbance in the family system and it is accepted the family is able to resolve the underlying issues through intervention.

Indication for therapy:
  • Difficulties in managing daily tasks;

  • Non-normative crises (unemployment, changes in family structure, among others);

  • Normative crises (children's starting school, adolescence, among others);

  • Difficulties in the relationship with the families of origin;

  • Parental difficulties;

  • Emotional or behavioral problems of one of the elements;

  • Loss and mourning situations;

  • Adaptation to disease situations;

  • Family crises related to psychopathological situations (cases of anorexia, alcoholism, suicide, among others).

How it works?

The number of sessions varies according to each process, with an average of 10 to 12 sessions. Generally, the first and second sessions are evaluation sessions, followed by intervention and follow-up sessions. Sessions are 90 minutes, twice a month.

Family Therapy

Face-to-face Sessions



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